• Cardboard honeycomb
    Made from recycled material, our cardboard honeycomb is used mainly in the manufacture of doors, partitions, furniture and composite panels.
  • Honeycomb panels
    Consisting of a honeycomb core with facings of different kinds and colours, our honeycomb boards or panels are lightweight, rigid and crush-resistant.
  • Pallets and spacers
    2 or 4-way cardboard honeycomb pallets of all formats. The loading deck can be cut to size or pressed to shape, as can the spacers designed to stabilize and spread the load.
  • Packaging, cushioning, cartons and POS displays
    Being both rigid and flexible, our cardboard honeycomb can be cut to size, machined and assembled to create a wide range of cushioning and packaging components.
  • Shuttering for pouring concrete, floor slabs and interior works
    Because they are rigid and easy to cut, our honeycomb panels provide a simple and environment-friendly solution for pouring concrete, replacing conventional shuttering in interior construction work.
  • Panel, container pallets and isothermal packaging
    Low cost in comparaison to its good heat resistance, made using recycled paper and easily recyclable in the paper/card recycling chain.